Warehouse Storage Agreement

Approved Warehouse Help and Information

State This is the state where the warehouse is located.
City This is the city where the warehouse is located.
County This is the county where the warehouse is located.
Warehouse Code Numeric code assigned by Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) to a  warehouse (s).   There may be multiple warehouse locations assigned to the same Warehouse Code.
Warehouse Name Entity name operating under storage agreement.
Warehouse Type The type of warehouses are:
Country - Locations that do not have UGRSA Approved Weights and Official Grain Inspections
Terminal - Locations that have UGRSA Approved Weights and Official Grain Inspections available.
                    Capable to mix and blend grains
Port Term -
Locations that have UGRSA Approved Weights and Official Grain Inspections available
                      and designated as a port location with loadout capabilities by a water conveyance (barge,
                      ship, vessel bulk carrier).
Status (s) This indicates the warehouse code's status on the Official List of Approved Warehouses. Warehouses shown here are either Approved (A) or Removed (M)
License Type Type of Warehouse Storage License. If operating in a state which requires a warehouse license, CCC requires that the warehouse operator have either a State License (S) or a Federal License (F) (under the U.S. Warehouse Act). If there is no licensing requirement this maybe shown as Unlicensed (U).
License # The license # is broken down into two parts.   A two digit prefix followed by a dash then a five digit suffix. The prefix identifies the type of federal license.   01 = Combination, 02 = Cotton,
03 = Grain, 06 = Peanuts, 08 = Dry Beans, 10 = Sirup, and 13 = Cottonseed.   The suffix is assigned and is unique to the prefix.
Carrier 1-4 Shipping carrier information. TRK indicates that the warehouse has truck handling capability only.   BARG indicates barge.   All other abbreviations will be for railroads.
The receiving capability of warehouses will vary. (i.e. where a shipping rail carrier is shown, the warehouse may not have the capability to receive by rail).
Note: with the ongoing changes in the rail industry sector some carrier information may not be current or accurate.
Storage Type Storage Type is either dry, cooler or freezer or any combination thereof.
Dry storage - non refrigerated room temperature storage
Cooler storage - refrigerated storage room
Freezer storage - below freezing temperature, storage room